About Jay Traders

The firm was established on 07-08-2007 with Sri Jay Kumar Yadav as its proprietor in the name of Jay Traders, having its commercial office located at 5F, East Topsia Road, Kolkata-700046.

The firm is engaged in the business of supplying minerals and chemicals to Plastic Industries, Rubber Industries, Paint Industries and also to Leather Industries having demand of its products not only within West Bengal but also in other neighbouring states also to the likes of Orissa, Bihar and Jharkhand.

We are the sole selling distributors and dealers in more than 50 minerals and chemicals. We are very well connected with more than 15 types of user industries and there is virtually no sector untouched by us.

We are in a mission to provide safety and security to our employees as well as be environmentally friendly by adopting a sustainable manner. Since we deal with chemicals, we take extra care to ensure providing information to our employees and clients on the safe use of chemicals.

Jay Traders is a a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jay Group.